Are You Attracting Local Customers?

Use Google Places To Improve Your Online Visibility And Attract More Customers.

Today, Over 90% of consumers use the internet when looking for local products and services.  If you want customers to find your local business, you need to be visible online. And, to attract those customers you need a complete & compelling online presence for your business.

Having a professional website with useful information is a good start. However, your website isn’t the only way customers can connect with you online.

Here are 3 fundamental keys to getting more people through the door of your main street business using online marketing.

  1. Maximizing your business's online in as many places as possible for your prospects to find you. This includes business directories like Google Places.
  2. Stand out from the crowd. When they do find your business, you must have accurate and compelling information including descriptions, reviews, pictures & videos that build trust.
  3. Incentives with calls to action. Reward people when they find you online. Offer exclusive bonuses, coupons, or discounts and don't forget a call to action.

Once you incorporate these strategies in your online marketing, you'll immediately start to attract more customers...PLUS you'll have the confidence that when people do find you online they will want to call or visit you. Start today and put the web work for your business and stay ahead of your competition.

Google Places is a good place to start this process. Download this "Quick Start Guide" now.

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