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Saturday, 12 November 2011 12:53

Beta Testing The Ducttape UMS

ultimate-marketing-system-ducttape-marketingI’m honored and excited to have been chosen as a beta tester for a new marketing training course developed by John Jantsch (Ducttape Marketing).

The training course is called the Ultimate Marketing System (UMS) and over the next few weeks a handful of people will be reviewing the course material and providing feedback before the public launch.  

John has been refining and simplifying his Duct Tape Marketing system for about ten years and has a real passion for helping business owners understand marketing and use it to grow their businesses.  One of the foundations of the Ducttape marketing system is the belief that marketing doesn't need to be complicated in order to be effective.

I’ve taken other courses from John and really like his no-hype, practical approach. I’m sure this course will be packed with valuable content.

I’ll be diving in this weekend.

For local business owners, online marketing can be a bit of a mystery.  The facts show that most people turn to the web when searching for local products or services. This means that if you don’t have a quality web presence your prospective customers may not find you and you are missing out on potential sales. If you own a local business and want to improve your online marketing to attract more customers, a good place to start is Google Places. I put together a quick start guide to help you put your business on a solid online foundation.  You can download my free guide to using Google Places here and start attarcting more customers today.


Thursday, 07 August 2008 00:00

This simple program has saved me hours


Frustrated man sitting at computer trying to rember his passwordsIf you spend any time online these days you quickly start to get overwhelmed with the amount of login information you have to keep track of. From your bank accounts to social networking sites to your webmail, they all require a user name and password. If you are anything like me, it doesn’t take too long before keeping track of them all makes your head spin. It got to the point where I was spending a ton of time just looking up each one and trying to keep track of them on cheat sheets or scraps of paper on my desk. What a nightmare. A few weeks ago I broke down and purchased this little program and it has really helped me take control of this problem.

There are 2 rules of thumb for creating usernames and passwords for your online accounts:

  1. Give every account a unique name and password. (This makes remembering them all a nightmare)
  2. Make passwords as strong as you can by using random numbers, letters and characters (This not only makes it hard for someone to guess the password but it makes it harder for you to remember it as well)

I tried my best to follow these guidelines but it was giving me a headache.

This program keeps all your passwords and login information secure which gives you piece of mind and you only ever have to remember one password to access all of them. It also gives you the ability to automatically generate strong random passwords that are hard to crack.

Best of all, you have all your passwords at your finger tips and with just one click you can be logged into any of your accounts.

What a time saver. Best 30 bucks I have spent in a while.

You can download a free version here.
Or visit their website for more information. Click Here

Monday, 05 May 2008 00:00

Here's a good idea to save gas

          If every car sold in our country had a real-time gas consumption meter on the dashboard and the rear window, things would change very fast. -Seth Godin

Maybe someone will invent one. Sometimes all it takes is a change in consciousness for great things to happen. If you want to read the full post here's the link: The coming backlash over green marketing

Wednesday, 20 February 2008 00:00

Focus your blog using keyword research

Looking for a nice guide to Keyword research? Check out this post from Brian Clark at Copyblogger.com. 5 part series on keyword research. I just ran through it. Brian does a really nice job laying out the process. Understanding how to use Keyword research to focus your website or blog topics onto what your audience is looking for can really help to increase the quantity and quality traffic.

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